"THUMBS UP OVER NORMANDY" - by Charles Thompson

This Diptych started out as two separately framed paintings and it was only after their first exhibition, first in London and then in the USA, that I decided to combine them into one single frame. The subject attempts to illustrate the cooperation between the participating Allied Air Forces during the D0Day landings, by portraying US built aircraft in RAF Squadrons and British built aircraft in USAAF Squadrons flying over the Normandy coast below. Looking closely at the painting we will be able to see various crew members indicating the ‘thumbs up’ sign.

From left to right we see a North American B25D Mitchell II of No.1 Squadron RAF operating out from Hartford Bridge, Hants. on ‘No Ball’ sorties. Next is a DeHavilland Mosquito PRXVI of the 653rd Bomb. Squadron (L); 25th Bomb. Group USAAF operating from Watton, Norfolk on Weather Reconnaissance duties.

On the right panel we have a North American P51C Mustang III of No. 306 (Polish) Squadron RAF operating from Coolham, Sussex on Armed Reconnaissance patrols. And lastly a Supermarine Spitfire VB of No. 85 (Base) Group, 2nd Tactical Air Force Air Spotting Pool operating from Lee-on-Solent by a pilot of VCS-7 US Navy, Cruiser Scouting Squadron on Gun-Spotting duties.

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