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This is just a small sampling of the talents of the aviation artist members of the Canadian Aerospace Artists Association.

The CAAA does not sell artwork, nor does it represent its artist members or act as an intermediary for them. If you have any comments, questions or requests, please contact the artists directly or the webmaster -

For additional contact information and to view more examples, please visit their respective websites.

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 Avi Barzel
Avi Barzel

Avi Barzel is a Toronto illustrator and portrait artist who grew up in Eastern and Central Europe, where he studied art from an early age. In Prague, he was schooled in Social Realism, the propaganda art styles glorifying communism, industry and the working class, but in Vienna he discovered and fell in love with the modernist movements, especially the surrealist Wiener Schule/Vienna School movement, to the disappointment of some of his more traditionalist art instructors.

Avi is a graduate of Toronto's Central Technical School's Visual Arts programme and studied European and Jewish history at York University and the University of Toronto. Avi was the lead author, illustrator and page designer of the first Canadian textbook on brick and stone masonry technology. In his more recent illustration and portrait work, he has been combining traditional media, mainly acrylics, watercolours, tempera and oils with digital media.

UK Bound - by Avi Barzel Lidya Litvyak - by Avi Barzel On Guard For Thee - by Avi Barzel The Tuskegee Heroes - by Avi Barzel  
Titanium Girl - by Avi Barzel The Mighty One - by Avi Barzel The Commander and His Kitty - by Avi Barzel The Pickerings - by Avi Barzel  
Sardinian Sunburn - by Avi Barzel Avian Heroes - by Avi Barzel Bristols Over Antwerp - by Avi Barzel Feeding Time - by Avi Barzel  
Iconic Walk - FCAF F/O J.S. Randle of 422 Squadron and the Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mk 5. - by Avi Barzel Blue Lanc - Avro Lancaster 683 Mk.X - by Avi Barzel      

Avi's aviation art can be viewed at

 Ardell Bourgeois

Ardell is a founding member of the CAAA and past President. He was born in Alberta, Canada and moved around North America with his family, settling in Sardis, British Columbia after his father's retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces. He attended the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, majoring in animation and three dimensional studies. Ardell is currently working as a free-lance artist with a primary interest in aviation subject matter (a life long obsession). He has had works in several Canadian and U.S. national aviation art exhibits as well as private collections. He is currently serving as the British Columbia Regional Coordinator for the CAAA and is an Artist Member of the American Society of Aviation Artists. From the latter organization, he received a Founders' Gold Award in 1994 for “James Allen Ward, VC” and its Award of Distinction for "Second of Many." Ardell resides in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

Go West Young Man - Westjet 737-700 - by Ardell Bourgeois Hockey in the Duff - RCAF Typhoon - by Ardell Bourgeois Not Without a Fight - Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress - by Ardell Bourgeois Hercules and the Kabul Gate Guard - Lockheed C-130 Afghanistan - by Ardell Bourgeois  
Second of Many - RCAF Hurricane Pilot - by Ardell Bourgeois

 Colin Bowley

Colin Bowley

Colin lives on Vancouver Island, B.C where he devotes much of his time to his painting, both landscapes and aviation subjects. The two As (Aviation and Art) have always been a big part of his life. As a young man he enlisted in the Royal Air Force and served for six years in Africa, the Middle East and England. On return to civilian life he worked as a Commercial Artist in various studios in Toronto and also as a Technical Artist at the Avro Aircraft Company during its final dramatic days. He started his own Commercial Art business in 1973 and moved to B.C in 1985. During these years he continued to fly and has owned several aircraft and logged many hours during this time. He is now retired and paints full-time. He has received various awards and has work in private, public and corporate collections.

The Snowbirds - CT-114 Tutor - by Colin E. Bowley Nearly Home - Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress - by Colin E. Bowley Start Three - Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress - by Colin E. Bowley 'Seconds Later My Engine Exploded' - Spitfire Mk.V - R.A 'Bob' Hoover is Shot Down - 9 February 1944 - by Colin E. Bowley  
Jack Earle Heads for Home - Hawker Typhoon 3 Sqn RAF - by Colin E. Bowley A Gloster Meteor Intercepts a V-1 Flying Bomb - by Colin E. Bowley Avro 691 Lancastrian, Nairobi, East Africa, 1947 by Colin E. Bowley First Flight of the CF-105 Avro Arrow - March 25 1958 - by Colin E. Bowley  
The Red Giants of Sproat Lake - Martin Mars waterbomber - by Colin E. Bowley The Fleet 16B Finch - by Colin E. Bowley The deHavilland DH82A Tiger Moth - by Colin E. Bowley Sneaking Through at Banning - Richard Bach - 1929 Detroit-Ryan Speedster- by Colin E. Bowley  
At the End of the Day - Boeing PT-17 Stearman - by Colin E. Bowley The Boeing (A75N1) PT-17 Stearman - by Colin E. Bowley Twelve Seconds and 120 feet - Wright Flyer - by Colin E. Bowley Bound For France - Harriet Quimby - by Colin E. Bowley  
Gibson's Triumph 1910 - by Colin E. Bowley The 1917 Hoffar H-1 - by Colin E. Bowley RCAF Mk.10 Avro Lancaster FM 104 - by Colin E. Bowley Canada's Lindbergh - James Erroll Boyd - by Colin Bowley  
 Len Boyd

Len Boyd

Len’s passion for art was sparked after seeing a fifteen minute vignette on CBC television showcasing renaissance artists including Leonardo DaVinci. Len produced some water-coloured ‘masterpieces’ of his own and eagerly sold them to fellow classmates for quarters and dimes as payment. With the encouragement of his teachers and peers he continued his artistic journey until high school graduation. Unable to afford tuition to an art college, Len fine-tuned his self-taught painting skills with oils at first, and then switched over to his medium of choice, acrylics.

Since the late 1990’s Len’s paintings have been given away as gifts, commissioned, donated to charitable events and have been showcased at select galleries, exhibitions and museums in Prince George and in Halifax.

Ever since attending his very first airshow in the summer of 1978, Len became fascinated with the aesthetic beauty of military aircraft. His admiration of these magnificent machines later found their way onto his canvases. In the summer of 2011, Len was selected to participate in a provincially sponsored entrepreneurial business development program.

Len works out of his home studio/gallery in Hubley, Nova Scotia overlooking scenic Five Island Lake. He lives with his beautiful and tolerant girlfriend Patty along with their three adorable cats: Ty, Sly and Ally.

John Gillespie Magee 'High Flight' Harvard at Summerside Airshow, PEI - by Len Boyd The First of Many - CC-130 Hercules in humanitarian role during the Haitian earthquake in January 2010 - by Len Boyd October Saviours - RCAF C-115 Buffalo, 442 Squadron, Comox - MV Prinsendam - by Len Boyd A Sitting Nuck - CH-47D Chinook in Afghanistan - by Len Boyd  
Gray Ghost Corsair - Vintage Wings of Canada Corsair - by Len Boyd Winter Thunder - Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet - by Len Boyd Moose Memories - RCAF's 419 Squadron' - Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum  Lancaster - CF-116 Freedom Fighter - by Len Boyd Sea King at Sunset - Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King 124406- by Len Boyd  
Yellow and Red...A Beacon of Hope - Boeing CH-113 Labrador Search And Rescue Helicopter - by Len Boyd Mark IV Mustang - by Len Boyd Hawk One... Canada's Golden Wings - Canadair Sabre in Golden Hawks Colours - by Len Boyd Fire and Ice - 424 squadron Griffon Helicopter Crane Rescue, Kingston - by Len Boyd
 Robert Bradford
 Jim Bruce

Jim is a founding member of the CAAA. He is a prize winning artist whose works are in many private and public art collections. A number of his aviation art paintings are on permanent display at the Canada Aviation Museum in Ottawa. His work has been awarded 1st prize in three ArtFlight competitions. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta he has lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba and currently resides in Baie d'Urfé, Québec. Jim has had a successful career as an illustrator with his designs being accepted for two coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint and his artwork used in numerous publications including Reader's Digest. He also received a special commendation from Parks Canada for his artwork.

Katherine Stinson Curtiss Special - by Jim Bruce Final Approach - Fairchild FC-2 Aerial Photography - by Jim Bruce Red Stars Over Edmonton - P-39Q's bound for Russia round the dome of the Alberta Legislature - by Jim Bruce At the Blast Fence - Vickers Viscount 724 #609 CF-TGQ of Trans-Canada Air William Avery "Billy" Bishop in 1917 - by Jim Bruce
William Avery "Billy" Bishop - by Jim Bruce Amelia Earhart - portrait - by Jim Bruce Katherine Stinson - portrait - by Jim Bruce Ruth Law at the 1918 C.N.E. - Curtiss Pusher biplane - Gaston Chevrolet on June 29, 1918 - Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto - by Jim Bruce Portrait of Henry Fonda from the movie "Fort Apache" 1948 - by Jim Bruce
 Sam Cole

Sam Cole

Sam Cole was born in Northern Ontario, Canada. A Bush Pilot, and Commercial Airline Pilot, Sam has flown, and lived in many different parts of the world. Now calling, Gloucester Virginia, their home with his wife Kate, they commute to and from work, in Kobe Japan.

Sam is a self taught artist, beginning more than forty years ago, starting with three basic colors, and one brush. He works only in transparent watercolors, as he feels them to be exceptionally expressive. The element of water quite often has "a mind of its own" and affects the outcome of the painting; sometimes positively and sometimes not so positively. The drying factor of watercolor painting, unlike working with oils, allows for completion of a work in a matter of minutes, which can be unforgiving, and challenging to the artist. His mechanical background, demands of him very detailed and accurate sketches and drawings, before the watercolor paint ever touches the paper. In some cases these initial drawings and renderings themselves can take up to a month or so to complete.

Sam’s Art has been exhibited at the Bradford Gallery in Ottawa Canada, as well as in the Western Canada Aviation Museum in Winnipeg Manitoba, and Occasion for the Arts, in Williamsburg Virginia and Arts on Main in Gloucester.

Artist's Statement

My paintings are a personal record of my life; continually changing and evolving. The style has changed very little, the subject matter has changed greatly. My focus is influenced to a great degree by the environment around me. From Bush Planes, to Ships of Sail, to Historical Native American scenes, to Arranged Flowers; These are the factors that interest and influence me now, filtering through, to my work.

NNA - by Sam Cole First Flight - by Sam Cole Moral Support - by Sam Cole Centennial Flight - by Sam Cole  
Misty Morning Surprise - by Sam Cole Crow Lake - by Sam Cole Timber Island - by Sam Cole OK What's Next - by Sam Cole  

The Watercolour Art of Sam Cole

Contact Sam at:

 Don and Liane Connolly
Liane and Don Connolly

Don was a major proponent in the founding of the CAAA and has served several years as president and then another five as editor of the CAAA newsletter, AerialViews. He is currently the CAAA Eastern Ontario Regional Coordinator and Membership Secretary. Liane has also been an active member and supporter of the CAAA since its inception serving ably for many years as the CAAA Treasurer. Don's work is widely distributed and can be found in many museums, such as the Canada Aviation Museum, the Canada War Museum, the British Columbia Aviation Museum, the RCAF Museum and the USN Aviation Museum. Don specializes in capturing aviation history on canvas and extensively researches his paintings to ensure accuracy. He is a a former RCAF navigator and is recognized for his expertise in both aviation art and history. He describes himself as "an aviation nut who paints". The Connolly's reside in Sydenham (near Kingston), Ontario.

Second Wind - CF-5 fighters of the RCAF refuel from a CC-137 tanker aircraft - by Don Connolly Sabres Supreme - Canadair Sabres 'dice' with RAF Meteors over Europe in the 1950's - by Don Connolly CC-106 Cosmopolitan 9th Air Force Martin Marauders Roll Out - by Don Connolly
A Flight of FE.8 Fighters - WW I - by Don Connolly Loudon Watkins MC - Canadian pilot Loudon Watkins, flying a Be12, brings down Zeppelin L48 just before daybreak, over the Wash, England in 1917 - by Don Connolly Elementary Moth - deHavilland Tiger Moth elementary trainer - British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) of WW2 - by Don Connolly BCATP Harvard - North American Harvard advanced pilot training aircraft - British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) of WW2 - by Don Connolly
Lake Bound - Fleet Canuck elementary trainer crossing the Lasalle Causeway Just Enough Lake - Bellanca floatplane - by Don Connolly Lucky Break  - Bellanca floatplane - by Don Connolly Paulhan at Rheims - Louis Paulhan flying a Voisin in the distance competition at the first great international aviation meet in 1909 at Rheims, France - by Don Connolly
Atlases Over Trenton - Armstrong Whitworth Atlases of #2 Army Co-operation Squadron, RCAF over Trenton, Ontario - circa 1937 - by Don Connolly Bad Day for 'Arry Tate - Fokker Dr.I Triplanes attacking R.E.8 reconnaissance aircraft - by Don Connolly At the Lido - 1927 - British entry in the 1927 Schneider trophy competition RCN Banshee Missile Shoot at Yeovilton - by Don Connolly
Return to Etah - Loening OA2 amphibians are led over the Davis Strait by Richard Byrd on their return to their base at Etah, Greenland, 1925 - by Don Connolly Battle Break - CF-18 Hornets - by Don Connolly Welcoming Party - CF-18 escort greets the new Canadian Forces strategic airlift C-177 Globemaster on its arrival - by Don Connolly Mission Accomplished - Boeing Vertol CH-113 Labrador Search and Rescue SAR Helicopter - by Don Connolly

To contact, please email the webmaster (
and I will put you in touch.

 O.C. (Doby) Dobrostanski
O.C. (Doby) Dobrostanski

Although not formally trained in art, his connection to art began in early childhood watching his mother painting in watercolors. Teachers often reprimanded him for drawing in his notebooks. He now chuckles about that and says that he was just studying his craft without knowing it.

While serving in the RCAF in Winnipeg during the 1960s, a series of his aviation safety cartoons were published in the Base Winnipeg newspaper, “Voxair”. As an aircraft technician on a number of military aircraft types, his understanding of aircraft is substantial. His experience as a glider pilot added to understanding flight dynamics.

After graduating from U of Manitoba in the late 1970's, he studied acrylic painting under Ron Leger, a talented illustrator. Doby strives for realistic representation of objects in his paintings. He feels that the style suits the type of aviation art he prefers to paint.

Doby's portfolio includes 90 murals in public places and his painting career has taken him all over North America, with commissions in the USA, Canada and Mexico. His decision to become a professional artist in 1980 was a challenging one, but with persistence and lots of hard work he proved to himself that it could be done.

DC-9 - by O.C. (Doby) Dobrostanski Legion Spitfire Project - by O.C. (Doby) Dobrostanski Mist Landing - by O.C. (Doby) Dobrostanski P-40 - by O.C. (Doby) Dobrostanski  
With Eyes Forever Skyward - by O.C. (Doby) Dobrostanski West Coast Labrador - by O.C. (Doby) Dobrostanski

 James 'Jake' Fowell
James 'Jake' Fowell

James Fowell, familiarly known as ‘Jake,’ is a retired Toronto architect who makes his home and studio on Twelve Mile Lake in Haliburton, Ontario. A 1968 graduate of the School of Architecture at the University of Toronto he practiced in Toronto designing homes, commercial buildings and schools. His experience also encompassed book and technical literature illustration, graphics, posters and trade show exhibition space design.

During his time at university he worked as a freelance cartoonist for the Toronto Telegram newspaper.

Jake studied watercolour painting, oil portraiture and life drawing at the Toronto School of Art and Central Technical School over a period of years. He has privately shown work and in gallery exhibitions and willingly accepts commissions.

His studio is in a shed he designed and built, along with the help of his wife Lee O’Connor, out of trees milled on their property.

Working in a variety of drawing and painting methods he has very recently become a member of the Canadian Aerospace Artist’s Association and looks forward to creating works in this challenging new area of endeavour.

He can be contacted by email at cel: 705-457-5792

Early Morning Take Off - by James 'Jake' Fowell Early Morning Take Off - by James 'Jake' Fowell Heading Home Over Twelve Mile - by James 'Jake' Fowell Heading Home On Floats - by James 'Jake' Fowell  

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 Hélène Girard
Helene Girard Hélène began her northern experience when she moved to the Northwest Territories from Québec 22 years ago. Creativity has always been part of Hélène's life. She began formal violin lessons at the age of four. Although she still enjoys music, she has developed a new and consuming passion. Inspired by the beauty surrounding her, Hélène began painting as a way to express her feelings about the North. With her distinctive style, her mission is to bring the North to the viewer's attention. Quickly disappearing, this magnificent part of our world needs to win the heart of the people. She participates in numerous art competitions and exhibitions throughout Canada and the US, receiving many prestigious awards. Hélène presently resides in Gatineau, Québec.
Flying Home on a Late Summer Evening - Air Tindy twin flying home after a trip to the barren land- by Helene Girard Coming Home - by Helene Girard Under the Northern Lights - Big River Air beaver operating out of Fort Smith, NWT - by Helene Girard First Air Hercules Taken by the Arctic Wind - by Helene Girard  
Arctic Sunwest - by Helene Girard Arctic Voyage - by Helene Girard Caribou Survey - by Helene Girard Griffon! - RCAF CH-146 Griffon helicopters - by Helene Girard  
Martin Mars - by Helene Girard Reflection d'une Saison - by Helene Girard Splash - Canadair CL-215 Waterbomber - by Helene Girard Tundra Days - by Helene Girard  
Wardair Twin Otter Drifting on Great Slave Lake, NT - deHavilland Twin Otter - by Helene Girard Change of crew - Kenn Borek Air deHavilland Twin Otter with penguins in Antarctica - by Helene Girard First landing on Slave - first landing on the Slave River, NWT, circa 1939 - by Helene Girard Great Slave Adventure - deHavilland Otter - by Helene Girard  
Lake Lodge - Air Tindy deHavilland Twin Otter flying clients to Lake Lodge resort not far from Yellowknife, NWT - by Helene Girard Late Summer Breeze - Big River Air deHavilland Beaver waiting patiently for its next flight out - by Helene Girard Les Bleus de l'Arctique : Arctic Blues - North Wright Airways is the premier air service in the Sahtu region, NWT - deHavilland Twin Otter - by Helene Girard Pangnirtung - an RCAF deHavilland Twin Otter at Pangnirtung, an Inuit hamlet, Qikiqtaaluk Region, in the Canadian territory of Nunavut, located on Baffin Island - by Helene Girard  
Yellowknife Airport - a Russian Mi-26 helicopter of UT Air bringing supplies to diamond mines in the arctic - by Helene Girard Landing at Puvirnituq - by Helene Girard Air Tindi Surfing - DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter - by Helene Girard

 C. Grant Gulland
Grant Gulland Grant Gulland is a retired teacher who has had a love of art, painting and aviation most of his life. He is a retired reserve RCAF officer and licensed pilot. Grant is a volunteer at the Canadian Warplanes Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario and a crew member on a vintage DC-3 that flies at airshow around southern Ontario. He is also an excellent carpenter.

Grant has decided to translate his love of airplanes to canvas and create paintings of a variety of both civilian and military aircraft. Although aviation his first love, he also enjoys painting landscape and other subjects with equal enthusiasm. Many of his paintings stem from his life experience and travels using photographs for the main ideas.

Grant’s paintings are created using acrylic paint on canvas, however, frequently works in a variety of other mediums, including pencil, crayon, coloured pencil, pastel and ink.

Commissions accepted.
Ready to Roll, Spitfire Pilot - by C. Grant Gulland Super Constellation - by C. Grant Gulland Golden Hawk - by C. Grant Gulland DC-8 - by C. Grant Gulland  
North Star - by C. Grant Gulland CF-18 Pilot - by C. Grant Gulland Safe Home - CWHM DC-3 - by C. Grant Gulland Churchill Approach - 400 Sqn Otter - by C. Grant Gulland  
Successful Search - 400 Sqn Otter - by C. Grant Gulland HMCS Iroquois - by C. Grant Gulland 437 Squadron Museum Display Panel - by C. Grant Gulland

 Layne Larsen

Layne is a founding member of the CAAA, past president and long serving editor of the CAAA Newsletter, AerialViews. Layne is an electrical engineer who served in the RCAF and Canadian Forces over a 37 year career as an aircrew officer, engineer, intelligence analyst, Deputy Commandant of the Royal Military College and in military personnel appointments in Canada and Europe. He retired in the rank of Colonel to take up his interest in art. Layne's works in aviation and wildlife art are in collections throughout Canada and the world. He resides in Kingston, Ontario.

Check Six - CF-188 Hornets over the Primrose Lake Range north of Cold Lake, AB - by Layne Larsen Closing the Range - Spitfire Mk.IIA closes to point-blank range on a Focke-Wulf 190A-4 - by Layne Larsen Just Passing By - Canadian astronaut Maj (now Col) Chris Hadfield (RMC, 82) during his tour with 425(F) Sqn on a low pass in a CF-188 over RMC and Fort Henry, Kingston, ON - by Layne Larsen First Blood - November 1, 1941, in a Beaufighter NF.Mk.II, S/L P. Davoud and his RAF radar op Sgt. T. Carpenter downed a Dornier Do-217E-4 flown by the Staffelkapitan of KG-4, 70 miles east of Digby, NS - by Layne Larsen  
The Hunting Party - April 1944, Wick, Caith, Scotland. 404 RCAF Squadron 'Torbeaus' (Beaufighter TF [Torpedo Fighter] Mk.X.C) - by Layne Larsen Big Yellow Bird - Fairey Firefly T.Mk.II of the RCN circa 1950 - by Layne Larsen F/L Norm Jewett - by Layne Larsen Practice Makes Perfect - Cessna Cranes - by Layne Larsen  
CWO Steve Bale - by Layne Larsen Fox 2: CF-188 and MiG-29 - by Layne Larsen In the Shop - CH-124 Sea King helicopter - by Layne Larsen Halifax Pilot - by Layne Larsen  
A-10 Pilot - by Layne Larsen

 Wes Lowe
Wes Lowe - aviation artist and illustrator After taking some courses at the Ontario College of Art, I began my career in commercial art as a package designer. Since those early days, I have focused my attention on a career as a freelance illustrator, I still work as an illustrator mostly for Publishers and studios. I have aways enjoyed drawing and painting and I now focus this love on one of my favourite subjects, aviation. I am busy researching and creating new aviation scenes in my studio and will post them once I am pleased with the final painting.
Aircraft Carrier - by Wes Lowe >Catalina - by Wes Lowe Disaster at Bari - by Wes Lowe Avro Lancasters - by Wes Lowe  
Liberators - by Wes Lowe Pearl Harbor - by Wes Lowe Spitfire - by Wes Lowe Spotting the Bismark - by Wes Lowe  
Stirling Bomber - by Wes Lowe Swordfish Attack - by Wes Lowe Pan American Martin 130 at Alameda - by Wes Lowe Thunderbolts - by Wes Lowe  
Over the Somme  - RFC Se5a - by Wes Lowe Little Red Bus - Amelia Earhart Lockheed Vega 5B  the Little Red Bus at St. John NB - by Wes Lowe Sea King Rescue - CH-124A Sea King 12440 flown by Capt Brian Wallebeck approaching MV Maurice Desgagnes - by Wes Lowe 410 Sqn Mosquitoes - 410 Squadron ground crew servicing a Mosquito - by Wes Lowe  
Pan Am Martin 130 - Martin 130 flying boat at the Hawaiian base, circa mid 1930s. - by Wes Lowe We Have a Runner - Fairey Swordfish attacking the Bismark - by Wes Lowe Heavy Odds - Willie McKnight and 242 Squadron - by Wes Lowe Friendly Encounter - by Wes Lowe


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 Ken Mallett
Ken Mallett - aviation artist Ken Mallett is a retired forest scientist who makes his home in Edmonton, Alberta. He has been creating art all of his life and attended the Banff School of Fine Art’s Visual Arts program in his youth. Nowadays he has more time to devote to his passion of drawing in graphite and charcoal, and painting with acrylics, oils and pastels. Ken has been interested in aviation since his boyhood. He began to draw and paint aircraft when his son served in the Royal Canadian Airforce.

Alphajet by Ken Mallett Voodoo Rising by Ken Mallett Sabre Rattling the Rockies by Ken Mallett

 Michael McLaughlin

Michael McLaughlin is a self-taught artist who has been painting since 1996. He has developed his own technique for portraying aircraft: carefully applying seven discrete shades of colour from dark to light rather than blending them, resulting in a stylized image. Acrylic paint is applied by brush to canvas board. Each painting is a labour of love that takes about two months to complete. He has completed 100 paintings and has had numerous showings at the former Toronto Aerospace Museum. Michael lives in Etobicoke and lists his hobbies as model building, reading, photography and cycling.

F-18 Hornet Top View - by Michael McLaughlin Concorde From Below - by Michael McLaughlin Bell X-1 Cockpit - by Michael McLaughlin A.V. Roe Jet Liner Oblique Angle - Avro Jetliner - by Michael McLaughlin  
A.V. Roe Arrow Top View - Avro Arrow - by Michael McLaughlin Shuttle Orbiter Docked at ISS - by Michael Mclaughlin Ariane V Rocket with Two Boosters - by Michael McLaughlin Shuttle in Earth Orbit, Cargo Bay Open - by Michael McLaughlin  
Sea King Helicopter Side View - by Michael McLaughlin Chinese Aerospace with Four Boosters - by Michael McLaughlin Shuttle in Orbit - by Michael McLaughlin Complete Shuttle - by Michael McLaughlin  
Starfighter - by Michael McLaughlin Voodoo - by Michael McLaughlin Complete Space Shuttle - by Michael McLaughlin Complete Space Shuttle - by Michael McLaughlin  
Saturn V Moon Rocket - by Michael McLaughlin Lunar Module with Astronaut - by Michael McLaughlin A.V. Roe Jetliner on Final Approach - by Michael McLaughlin A.V. Roe Arrow - by Michael McLaughlin  
  Michael McLaughlin
Unit 802-17 Michael Power Place,
Toronto, ON
M9A 5G5
 Priscilla Messner-Patterson
Priscilla Patterson

Priscilla Messner-Patterson and her husband make their home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. After living for 23 years on rugged Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska, they welcome views of farmland, mountains and seacoast as well as the sunny days of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley two hours northwest of Seattle. While in Kodiak, Priscilla taught art at Kodiak College for nearly 18 years. She painted wildlife, landscapes and still life before she began specializing in aviation related subjects in 1994. She is an award winning member of the American Society of Aviation Artists. She is also a member of the Canadian Aerospace Artists Association and the Coast Guard Art Program. She has painted the Coast Guard at work in the air and aboard ships. Her husband, a former Navy and U.S. Fish & Wildlife pilot is her "best friend, biggest help and toughest critic."

Original paintings are featured in Alaska, Canada and the lower 48 states. Priscilla is one of forty women in business featured in the 2002 Alaska Journal of Commerce and has won numerous awards and honors in the aviation art community including the American Society of Aviation Artists, Simuflite and Aviation Week and Space Technology. Her work is available regularly at The Blue Whole Gallery, an artists' cooperative, in Sequim, Washington.

Cool Birds - by Priscilla Patterson 13VF - by Priscilla Patterson Midnight Sun - by Priscilla Patterson Primary Colors - by Priscilla Patterson Moose Tracks - by Priscilla Patterson
Day at the Office - by Priscilla Patterson

 Martin Myers
Martin Myers, Canadian Aviation Artist

A founding member of the CAAA, Martin has an academic background in architecture from the University of Toronto and professional experience of over thirty years as a design consultant. Martin has participated in many art shows and competitions, winning second prize during the Canada Aviation Museum's ArtFlight 2007 competition. He enjoys working in a diverse range of subject matter including botanicals, birds, landscapes and aviation subjects. Martin resides in Toronto.

Bellanca Air Cruiser - by Martin Myers Arctic Legacy - Norseman and Otter - by Martin Myers West Coast Beaver-Raven - by Martin Myers Reflected Beavers - Five DeHavilland Canada Beaver Floatplanes - by Martin Myers
Bannock's Baby - The design for the DHC Beaver Bushplane. Russ Bannock was the test pilot - by Martin Myers R. Mitchell's Great Designs - Supermarine Racing Seaplanes evolve into the Spitfire - by Martin Myers Western Flyers - Western Grebes and DHC-2 Beaver Bush Planes - by Martin Myers Sky Dance - Turbo Otter (Harbour Air) and Beech 18 (SeaWind - Vancouver Air) - by Martin Myers
British Columbia Beavers - Vancouver Island Air - Powell Air - Coval Air - by Martin Myers The Great Floatplane - The DHC-2 Beaver Bush Plane - by Martin Myers Emperor-Grumman-Blue Snow - Grumman Goose Flying Boat and Northern Geese - Pacific Coastal Airlines - by Martin Myers The Western Mallard - Grumman Mallard Flying Boat - West Coast Air - by Martin Myers
Mitchell's Masterpiece - Supermarine Spitfire study - by Martin Myers

 Bob Poole
Bob Poole

Bob's aviation career spans almost fifty years starting in the UK in 1964 with an Aeronautical Engineering Apprenticeship at Hawker Siddeley Aviation. In 1976 Bob moved to Canada with his family to pursue his career in Aviation and has since worked in many capacities for DeHavilland, Orenda Aerospace, CP Air, Worldways Canada and Soundair Corporation.

In 1994 bob started his own Company, Aerostructural Inc., a Transport Canada approved Aircraft Stuctural Repair Facility, still operating today. Bob's art is self-taught and purely a hobby, with many paintings over the years going to friends and relatives.

Bob adds "Having my pictures displayed alongside such talented artists is a great honour"

After The Storm - CP Air Boeing 737 - by Bob Poole Dassault Breguet Super Etendard with Exocet Missile - by Bob Poole North American F-100D Super Sabre - World's first supersonic fighter - by Bob Poole McDonnell-Douglas F-15 'Eagle' - by Bob Poole  
Worldways Canada Douglas DC-4 - by Bob Poole Worldways Canada Convair 640 - by Bob Poole Worldways Canada Boeing 707-338C - by Bob Poole Arctic Flight - British Airways Concorde - by Bob Poole  
McDonnell-Douglas F-15C 'Eagle' - by Bob Poole General Dynamics F-16A 'Fighting Falcon' - by Bob Poole Worldways Canada Lockheed L-1011-385-1 Tristar - by Bob Poole Uninvited Guest - Avro Arrow, Peter Cope, Spud Potocki, CFB Trenton, Malton - by Bob Poole  
ut for the Evening - F-86 Sabres from the Transition Unit at CFB Chatham, NB, 1967 - by Bob Poole One man and his Lancaster - Norman 'Norm' Etheridge and the Mynarski Memorial Lancaster Bomber G-VRA - by Bob Poole McDonnell Douglas 'Super' DC-8-63 - by Bob Poole Toronto - Hong Kong - by Bob Poole  
 Cher Pruys
Cher Pruys - aviation artist

The artistic works of Cher Pruys reflect her respect for the subjects she portrays. Her precise paintings capture every detail providing the viewer with extreme realism as well as evoking a mood that places you at the scene.

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan she has had a passion for art from a very young age. She is a self-taught artist whose work has received international acclaim. Her works may be found in museums, galleries, aviation schools, and both personal and corporate collections worldwide.

Cher now resides in Devlin, Ontario, where many of her subjects dot the skies above her home on the banks of the Rainy River. Her works have graced the covers of 3 books, and numerous magazine covers. She has done several interviews with CBC radio, and had feature articles in countless magazines and newspapers. Her chosen mediums are watercolor and acrylic, although her large scale murals are in oil. She also teaches piano and guitar.

She has received numerous awards over the years. Her latest accomplishments include the ASAA Award of Distinction and The Aviation Space and Technology Best of the Best Award, for best painting in the show for "Brilliant Finish", and Second Place in the military category of the Aviation Space and Technology awards for "Warbirds" at the ASAA International Aerospace Exhibition, in Baltimore, MD, 2013. In 2012, she won the Award of Distinction for “Autumn Reflections”, and the Aviation Space and Technology Award, Best of the Best, the best painting in the show, for “Yankee Lady”, at the ASAA International Aerospace Exhibition held at the Battle Creek Art Centre in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and The Award of Merit for “Polished”, at the 2012 CAE Simuflite Horizons of Flight competition. Cher was elected as a Fellow Member of the ASAA in July 2013.

Pruys says “I find deep satisfaction in helping to portray the rich aviation history that helped to shape our nation, through my art. Producing works that pay homage to the many men and women whose involvement in the aviation field led to the development of our country, especially in the north, is such an honour.”

Remote Waters - Cessna 208 Grand Caravan on Floats - by Cher Pruys Red-Tail - restored North American P-51C Mustang of the Tuskegee Airmen, Don Hinz 2004 - by Cher Pruys Nose Cone - by Cher Pruys Autumn Reflections - by Cher Pruys  
Best Friends - by Cher Pruys Scenic Flight - by Cher Pruys Harley Study - by Cher Pruys Yankee Lady - Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress - by Cher Pruys  
Polished - by Cher Pruys Airbase - by Cher Pruys Flyby - by Cher Pruys Yukon Wings - by Cher Pruys  
On a Wing - Avro Lancaster - by Cher Pruys Nightfall - by Cher Pruys Canadian Moment - Cessna Floatplane - by Cher Pruys Obscure Passage - deHavilland Beaver on Floats - by Cher Pruys  
Brilliant Finish - by Cher Pruys Brennan Lake - Beech 18 on Floats - by Cher Pruys Heading Home - Ontario GOvernment Bombardier CL-415 Water Bomber - by Cher Pruys Sandy Shores - DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver on Floats - by Cher Pruys  
Warbirds - by Cher Pruys

 Peter Robichaud
Peter Robichaud - aviation artist

Peter has spent the majority of his life in one uniform or other - from Beavers and Scouts to Air Cadets, and finally a nearly three-decade career with the Canadian military. He has extensive operational experience with all elements- air, land, sea, and the Special Forces.

Peter’s passion for aviation began at a very young age in Chatham, New Brunswick with its nearby air base providing an endless source of inspiration. After flying with gliders, Cessnas, and other military airframes as an Air Cadet, his dream was to pursue a career as an Air Force pilot. Unfortunately, lack of the required perfect vision prevented this. In 1986, a chance conversation led him to discover, somewhat reluctantly, the world of Army tanks, which shortly after became his career until 2004 when he transferred to the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch.

Peter has been painting since he was twelve years old and has never put his brushes down. His paintings are defined by a meticulous attention to detail of his subjects, which include aviation, portraiture, animals, and abstract pieces. He has produced numerous commissions for military units and personnel, as well as private individuals throughout the country. He has had art shows at museums and other locations throughout the Maritimes.

Peter’s preferred medium is acrylics and he paints from his home studio in Halifax. He is currently working on subjects for a book series on Canadian Forces jet powered fighter aircraft, is producing commissions for the Air Force, Army, and Navy, and works on other non-aviation related art subjects.

OMJ! - DeHavilland Vampire - by Peter Robichaud All Weather - Avro CF-100 Mk.3 by Peter Robichaud Solo Sabre - Canadair Sabre Mk 5 - by Peter Robichaud Moonlighting Ghosts -  AVRO CF-100 Canuck Mk 4A, 428 Ghost Squadron - by Peter Robichaud  
Wolverine - AVRO CF-100 Mk. 4B, 445 Wolverine Squadron, Marville France, 1957 - by Peter Robichaud Miramichi Lynx - CF-101B Voodoo interceptors, 416 Lynx Squadron, CFB Chatham, NB, 1984 - by Peter Robichaud Sea King Sambro - CH-124 Sea King 50th Anniversary, Sambro Island - by Peter Robichaud Arrow and Mum - CH-124 Sea King, Call Sign Arrow, HMCS Iroquois, Caribbean - by Peter Robichaud  
Sea King and Athabaskan - CH-124 Sea King, HMCS Athabaskan - by Peter Robichaud Sea King Blackhorse Diver Pickup - Capt J Leslie, CH-124 Sea King callsign BLACKHORSE, Greenland, Operation NANOOK 2012, HMCS Saint Johns - by Peter Robichaud CH-124 Sea King 50th - 50th Anniversary of the CH124 Sea King Maritime Helicopter - by Peter Robichaud 100th Anniversary of Powered Flight CF-18 - CF-188A demonstration, 100th anniversary of powered flight in Canada, Trenton, Ontario, 2009 - by Peter Robichaud  
Electric Voodoo - EF-101B Voodoo of 414 Black Knights Squadron circa 1980s - by Peter Robichaud Cougar CF-18 - CF-188A, 410 Cougar Squadron, 4 Wing Operations, Cold Lake, Alberta - by Peter Robichaud Nighthawks - CF-101B Voodoos of 409 Nighthawks Squadron from CFB Comox BC, circa 1980s - by Peter Robichaud Lynx Squadron Canada - CF-101B Voodoo of 416 Lynx Squadron from CFB Chatham NB, December 1984 - by Peter Robichaud  
444 Squadron Canadair Sabre Mk6 - by Peter Robichaud Bonnie Banshee - RCN McDonnell F2H3 Banshee - by Peter Robichaud Sea King and CPF - Sikorsky CH-124 Sea King over a Canadian Patrol Frigate - by Peter Robichaud Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary CF-18 - by Peter Robichaud  
Fleet Flypast - RCAF CH-124 Sea King - by Peter Robichaud Rampant Lions - Canadair Sabre Mk 2s of 427 Lion Squadron, 1953 - by Peter Robichaud Backyard Voodoo -  CF-101 Voodoo, Mirimichi, NB - by Peter Robichaud Cyclone! - the RCAF's newest helicopter, Sea King replacement, CH-148 Cyclone - by Peter Robichaud  
Saguenay Canucks - CF-100 Canuck Mark 5s of 432 Squadron, Bagotville Quebec 1957 - by Peter Robichaud Charging Moose (moosa aswayita) - 419 Squadron CF-5A, 1980s  - by Peter Robichaud Duel at Dawn - Canadair Sabre Mark 6 of 422 Tomahawk Squadron - by Peter Robichaud Golden Oldie - Golden Hawk Sabre Mk.5 Circa 1957 - by Peter Robichaud  
NORAD Cooperation - April 28 1987, CF-18s from 425 Squadron, Bagotville, Quebec intercepted a Soviet TU-142 Bear F, handing off to a USAF F-15, of the 5th FIS, Loring AFB Maine. - by Peter Robichaud Frozen Hornets - CF-18 Hornet - by Peter Robichaud T-Bird - CT-133 Silver Star, 401 "Ram" Sqn, RCAF, 1956 - by Peter Robichaud CF-104 Starfighter - with a Vinten Vicon photo reconnaissance pod, 1963 - by Peter Robichaud  
Fire and Ice - CF-101 Voodoos, 410 "Cougar" Sqn, 414 "Black Knights" Sqn, CFB North Bay, ON, 1964 - by Peter Robichaud Rain of Fire - CF-5A close air support - by Peter Robichaud Snowbirds Twinkle Roll - by Peter Robichaud The Cutting Edge - by Peter Robichaud  
Rocky Mountain Nighthawk - by Peter Robichaud On Top and Tracking - by Peter Robichaud Salute to a Golden Age - by Peter Robichaud CF-18 Canada 150 - by Peter Robichaud  
Sunset CF-101 - by Peter Robichaud Arctic Intercept - by Peter Robichaud NORAD Family Reunion - by Peter Robichaud 423 Squadron 75th Anniversary - by Peter Robichaud  
Hornet Out of the Sun - by Peter Robichaud Leaping Lynx - by Peter Robichaud War Loaded - by Peter Robichaud Vertical Voodoo, RCAF - by Peter Robichaud  
Vertical Voodoo, USAF - by Peter Robichaud Spy and Spitfire - by Peter Robichaud Pink Team Vietnam, 1968 - by Peter Robichaud Captain Salze Over Mig Alley - by Peter Robichaud  
Lynx Chasing Bear - by Peter Robichaud CF-18 and Snowbird - by Peter Robichaud 2 Wing Grad - 2 Wing Moosejaw Harvard 2 - by Peter Robichaud Low Level in Labrador - German F-4F Phantom of JG 74 near Churchill Falls Labrador - by Peter Robichaud  
Mountain Pass - by Peter Robichaud NORAD Nighthawks - by Peter Robichaud Schwarzwald Starfighters - by Peter Robichaud Storm Over Juno - RCAF Hawker Typhoon fighter bombers, 439 Squadron, Courseulles-sur-mer, Juno Beach Normandy, D-Day, 6th June 1944 - by Peter Robichaud  

Contact Peter at:


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 Paul Seguna
Paul Seguna

Paul is a founding member of the CAAA who has served as Alberta and BC Regional Coordinator and CAAA Vice-President. He retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in September of 2017 after a career spanning forty-two years in the Canadian Naval Reserve (as a Radar Plotter), Regular Navy (as a Ship’s Officer and Shipborne Air Controller) and Canadian Forces Public Affairs Branch (as a Public Affairs Officer). Born in Australia, he has had a lifelong interest in art and aviation and resides in Victoria, British Columbia.

Prairie Fledgling - BCATP Avro Anson - by Paul Seguna Whirlwind in Normandy - RCAF Typhoon Fighter-Bombers - by Paul Seguna Air Force Assist - B-25 Mitchells, 2 Tactical Air Force - by Paul Seguna Bomber Pilot Memories - Wing Commander (Ret’d) T.C. (Cam) Weir, Handley-Page Hampdens - by Paul Seguna  
North Atlantic Nannette - B-24 Liberator 'N' Nannette - by Paul Seguna Texan Mosquito in Korea - T-6 Texan, 6147 Tactical Control Group, 'The Mosquitoes', U.S. 5th Air Force - by Paul Seguna RCN Seafire Flypast - RCN Seafires, HMCS Warrior - by Paul Seguna RCN Sea Furies - HMCS Magnificent - by Paul Seguna  
Grey Ghost Flypast - RCN Banshee, HMCS Bonaventure - by Paul Seguna Ground Support Aviano - CF-18 Hornets, Kosovo - by Paul Seguna Juno Beach Jump Off - The Canadian Landings in Normandy on D Day 6 June 1944 - by Paul Seguna

 Rui Laureano Silva

Rui Laureano Silva is today retired from the Aerospace industry where he worked for 20 years as a technical/artistic illustrator.
Rui was born in Portugal and studied Mechanical Engineering Illustration there. In Canada, he attended the National Aeronautical School and also took up Classical Painting at McGill University. Alongside his career in the Aeronautical industry, and to this day, he has always devoted his free time to his favorite hobby: Classic painting.
Because he did spend a greater part of his professional career around airplanes, he ended up developing a passion for the theme and consequently has been involved with Aviation painting for the past 10 years.
His many paintings and illustrations have been exposed in varied local Québec exhibitions. In past years, he has also provided technical and artistic illustration for reference, poetry and literary works. He has received the following diplomas/awards:
- Award of Excellence from the Pittsburgh Chapter of Society for Technical Communication
- Honorary Diploma from the Civil Government of Angola (for cultural artistic collaboration).

 Harold Skaarup

Hal Skaarup - aviation artist

Major (retired) Harold A. Skaarup is the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel for 3 Intelligence Company. He graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax in 1974, and earned his Master's Degree in War Studies at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario in 1995. He works as a volunteer docent with the New Brunswick Military History Museum at 5 Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown, and enjoys writing Canadian Military History.
Three Artists at Work - by Harold Skaarup Chinook Exit - Canadian Forces Parachute team, The Skyhawks, exiting a CH147 Chinook helicopter, spring 1978 - by Harold Skaarup Golden Hawk - Canadair CL-13 Sabre, (Serial No. 23649), in Golden Hawks colours - by Harold Skaarup Cole and Ashley Enjoying the Snow - by Harold Skaarup  
Silver Sabre - Canadiar CL-13 Sabre, CFB Chatham in the 1960s - by Harold Skaarup Mustang - by Harold Skaarup

 Martha Southwell

Martha Southwell is an award winning portrait artist. Her paintings convey the beauty in every subject and the essence of the human spirit. Martha's interest in aviation developed from her family's visits to aviation museums and air shows. She became interested in historical aircraft and their preservation and expressed this passion in oil paintings. Martha is a member of the Portrait Society of Canada. Her paintings have won numerous awards at juried shows and chosen as finalists in National and International Art competitions. Her paintings hang in private collections across Canada.

Martha has exhibited in both group and solo shows in Canada. Her exhibitions include, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, the Portrait Society of Canada’s International Arts Festival and Annual Exhibition. Martha is inspired to create lasting memories in each painting. She is accepting commissions for aviation and historic subjects, people and pet portraits.

PBY 5-A Canso, &quot;Pacific Warrior&quot; - by Martha Southwell PB-25J Mitchell, "Intrusion" - by Martha Southwell Fairey Firefly, "The Search" - by Martha Southwell Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling - by Martha Southwell  
Mosquito Memories - by Martha Southwell Douglas DC-3 Canucks Unlimited - by Martha Southwell      

For details on commissions and for availability of artwork please visit

 Jeff Stephenson
Jeff Stephenson - aviation artist

Jeff’s passion for aviation began years ago while attending air shows with his father and brothers. However, it wasn’t until the summer of 2008 that his love of photography and aviation finally merged at the Geneseo Air Show. As fortune would have it, several of the images captured at that show went on to be sold and win awards at various photo competitions.

Since graduating with top honours from Humber College’s Creative Photography program in 2013, Jeff has established himself as a well-rounded professional freelance photographer by shooting a wide range of subject matter. However, it is his passion for producing aviation art inspired photography that brings him the most attention. He has produced several commissioned aviation works for clients such as Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Canadian International Air Show, Canadian Air and Space Museum, as well as many individual clients.

As a collector of aviation art books, Jeff draws almost all of his inspiration from aviation painters, several from the Canadian Aviation and Aerospace Association, as well as such names as Taylor, Wootton, Trudgian and others.

“It is an honour to be a part of the Canadian Aerospace Artists Association whose members I have a tremendous amount of respect for” – Jeff Stephenson

Historic Reunion - Mynarski Memorial Lancaster with the RAF Memorial Flight Lancaster in 2014 - by Jeff Stephenson A New Hope - Me-262 Swallow - by Jeff Stephenson Dusty Runway - Vought F4U-1 Corsair - by Jeff Stephenson Darkest Days - Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX - by Jeff Stephenson  

 Brian Sturrock
 Steve Tournay
 Brian Sturrock
 Elena Vasileva
Elena Vasileva - aviation artist

Elena Vasileva showed a passion for drawing from childhood but at the same time loved mathematics and physics. These interests determined her choice of profession. Before moving to Canada, she worked for 15 years as an architect, focusing on sport and public facilities. Combining basic knowledge of academic drawing with the technical side from her work background, she moved to a full-time career as an illustrator.

She accepts commissions (watercolor and ink drawings) and is available for your projects (technical manual illustration, sketching, books).

Rolls-Royce Merlin 66 - by Elena Vasileva Royal Australian Air Force 100th Anniversary - by Elena Vasileva The Curtiss-Reid Rambler - by Elena Vasileva Engine Change - by Elena Vasileva  
Avro Canada CF-100 Mk5 100760 - by Elena Vasileva Cirrus Engine - by Elena Vasileva Harvard MkIV – C-GBQB - by Elena Vasileva P&W R1830 - by Elena Vasileva

 Jim Wallace
 John Walmsley
 Ronald Wong

Ronald's name needs little introduction to the aircrew of military bases in Western Europe and the United States, for whom his precise and dramatic artwork has been a familiar presence for many years. His original training in Britain was in Biochemistry, and it was only after years of service in the Health Service that he decided to embark on a career in painting, in particular of a childhood love, aviation.

He is a long-standing Member of the Guild of Aviation Artists in the UK, where he has won many prizes over the years, and also of the American Society of Aviation Artists. Aside from the numerous paintings he has achieved over the years which hang all over the world, he has to date published some 170 runs of lithographic prints, which must be something of a record for an individual artist. Apart from aviation, his artistic interests range from motoring and marine art to portraiture, animals and landscapes.


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