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Gibson's Triumph 1910 - by Colin E. Bowley

Gibson's Triumph 1910 - by Colin E. Bowley

The Gibson Twinplane was the first airplane in Canada that was designed by a Canadian, built by a Canadian, and flown by a Canadian. All of the other aircraft in Canada up to that time, including the Silver Dart, were built in the USA.

William Wallace Gibson made many attempts to get his unusual flying machine airborne and finally he was successful. On the 24th September 1910 at Dean's Farm near Mount Tolmie in Victoria, British Columbia, Gibson flew his Twinplane for just over 200 feet and so became the first Canadian to fly a Canadian-built aircraft. Encouraged by this success, he continued with his experiments and made many modifications to his original design.

The aircraft made its final flight in Calgary, Alberta where, on 11 August 1911, it crashed while landing on some unsuitable ground and was destroyed. Gibson announced that he intended to rebuild the aircraft and continue with his experiments, but by then he was running out of money and shortly after decided he would give up aviation altogether and return to his other business affairs.

12 x 22 inches, Acrylic

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