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The Red Giants of Sproat Lake - Martin Mars waterbomber - by Colin E. Bowley

The Red Giants of Sproat Lake - by Colin E. Bowley

Five (JRM-1) Martin Mars Flying Boats were built and served with the US Navy in WWII.

One of the flying boats the "Marshall Mars" was destroyed while in service with the USN, and the remaining four were auctioned off in 1959.

Forest Industries Flying Tankers (FIFT) purchased the lot for $100,000 together with thirty-five "zero-time" engines for $300 a piece.

They were converted to water-bomber status in Victoria,BC. In 1961 one of them, "Marianna Mars" was lost when it hit some trees and crashed while another, "Carolina Mars" was so so badly damaged during typhoon Frieda in 1962 that it had to be scapped.

"Hawaii Mars" and "Phillipne Mars" are still busy today, flying out of Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island to wherever they are needed to fight forest fires.

12 x 24 inches Acrylic

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