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The Boeing (A75N1) PT-17 Stearman - by Colin E. Bowley

The Boeing (A75N1) PT-17 Stearman - by Colin E. Bowley

The Stearman is one of those airplanes that seems to evoke nostalgic thoughts for all those who have even had a passing acquaintance with her. For those pilots who have been lucky enough to fly this fine aircraft most of the memories are fond ones.

The model 75 primary trainer first appeared in 1934 and went into production for the US Army as the PT13 and had a 215hp Lycoming R680-5 radial engine. Later the same airframe, now with a 225hp Jacobs R755-7 became the famous A75N1(PT18) sometimes called the "Yellow Peril" in recognition of the yellow training paint scheme for air force flight trainers. The version supplied to the RCAF was designated the PT17 Kaydet.

16 x 20 inches Acrylic

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