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Lancaster KB 882, Edmundston, New Brunswick, 2014

Hello All,

Lancaster KB882 was flown into St. Leonard, New Brunswick fifty years ago this coming summer by Captain Pepi diGiacinto and has remained there, outside, unprotected, all these years. For some time now a small band of interested aviation buffs has been looking after the machine but these efforts are not nearly enough to prevent decay and corrosion, let alone launch a restoration. Recently, an expert aviation engineer surveyed the aircraft and stated that it could soon literally fall apart unless it was protected from the elements unless properly hangared.

Earlier today, I received a call from Ms Mychèle Poitras, Head of Communications for the City of Edmundston, the owner of Lancaster KB 882 currently on display outside the city's small airport terminal at St. Leonard airfield and one of the very few remaining Lancaster bombers that actually served as such in WWII.

Ms Poitras told me she is very interested in our taking part in this summer's events currently being organized by the city to raise interest and funds with a view to erecting a building to protect the aircraft and starting a restoration. However, details of this CAAA regional venture are still to be determined and your reaction and replies to this proposal will help me formulate a viable project.

What I am proposing to you today is that, like a couple of years ago with the NB Museum, we organize a juried art show on the theme of Lancaster bombers generally, and KB882 in particular. The pieces chosen would remain on display as long as the airfield terminal remained open to the public this coming summer. As there will be a photo and text display of the history of the Lancaster itself in the terminal, Ms Poitras tells me they can probably accommodate a display of no more than 10 to 12 pieces at one time.

Ms Poitras also said that proceeds from this summer's events will be used for the support of KB882 project and, if you were to agree, this might include a fifteen to twenty per cent gallery style fee, calculated on the price of any artwork sold. Crating and shipping costs to and from the summer display would be at the cost of the artist as there are insufficient funds available for that purpose. The city plans to have someone present at all times the terminal is open but we should ask that the City of Edmundston insure the art while it is in their care.

If ten to twelve artists express interest in a juried show I shall draft detailed guidelines to which the City of Edmundston would also be a party. If there is insufficient interest in a juried show, I shall try to develop an alternative project. As of this moment, one CAAA artist has indicated to me he intended to take part and I know of another artist seriously considering participation.

Please reply within two weeks?

Here are some notes on its history:

Best regards to everyone,

Pierre Vachon

  • Here is what Wikipedia has to say about KB882:
    Lancaster Mk 10P KB882 was built by Victory Aircraft in 1945 and delivered to Britain, the aircraft joined No. 428 Squadron RCAF in March of that year. Flown on six operational sorties over Germany, the aircraft was returned to Canada in June 1945 and entered storage. In 1952, the aircraft was modified to Mk 10P configuration and flew with No. 408 Squadron RCAF. In 1964, the aircraft was purchased by the City of Edmundston, New Brunswick and has since been on outside display at the Municipal Airport.
  • Here is another set of photos from a group that calls itself the KB882 Preservation Society.
  • Here is another source of information on KB882.
  • And here is information on the fellow - T. Kirby from Windsor NS, who best knows KB882 as she stands on display in Edmundston today.

For more information about this project, please contact Pierre Vachon: <>.

Last Updated: 19 Apr 14


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