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Air Force Assist - B-25 Mitchells, 2 Tactical Air Force - by Paul Seguna

Air Force Assist - by Paul Seguna

This painting is a depiction of a fictional scene representative of an aspect of the Canadian military experience in Holland in 1944-45. In the painting a hockey game is taking place between a Canadian Army team from the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division and a team of Canadian airmen from a local allied airfield. The game is buzzed by an unexpected spectator in the form of a Canadian crewed B-25 Mitchell bomber returning to the airfield from a mission. Many Canadians flew as aircrew with the 2nd Tactical Air Force, a formation of the Royal Air Force composed of squadrons and aircrew drawn from many Commonwealth and allied nations. The B-25 Mitchell squadrons supported the allied armies from the D- Day landings in Normandy through their advance in Northwestern Europe and the liberation of countries such as the Netherlands from the yoke of the Third Reich.

24 x 36 inches, Oil on Canvas

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