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Texan Mosquito in Korea - T-6 Texan, 6147 Tactical Control Group, 'The Mosquitoes', U.S. 5th Air Force - by Paul Seguna

Texan Mosquito in Korea - by Paul Seguna

In an era before precision-guided bombs, 6147 Tactical Control Group, 'The Mosquitoes', of the U.S. 5th Air Force flew dangerous low-level forward air control missions during the Korean War guiding UN fighter-bomber attacks on enemy targets. Although a unit of the U.S. Air Force, members of UN forces, including Canada, saw service with the unit flying in the rear seat of the T-6 Texan as airborne controllers. Depicted in the painting is a typical action in 1952 involving LT W.C. "Robbie" Robertson, 1PPCLI, during which a Texan has descended very low to the ground to fire marker rockets at a target. In this case the target is an area of caves being used as ammunition dumps by North Korean forces.

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