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The Canadian Aerospace Artists Association

Dedicated to the Advancement of Aerospace Art in Canada

The Canadian Aerospace Artists Association is a group of artists, photographers, aviation historians and art collectors who all share a love of aviation, art and history.


  • caters to a wide range abilities and styles
  • maintains a collegial atmosphere
  • facilitates an exchange of ideas and techniques
  • holds public exhibitions of aviation art
  • promotes Canadian aviation art on-line through Facebook and this website
  • maintains and strengthens ties between aviation artists and Canadian aviation heritage organizations and institutions
  • keeps our members informed about display opportunities, art and business practices, and aviation history through our newsletter and by e-mail.
  • provides opportunities for aviation artists to get together to discuss their work and learn from each other.
While the CAAA provides members with the opportunity to participate in exhibits and to display their work on the CAAA website, it does not directly promote, market or sell members' artwork.

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First CAAA Meeting - Trenton, Ontario - June, 1997

A Brief History of CAAA

The CAAA was founded in 1997, although its genesis can really be traced back to 1984. That's when the Canadian Roundel Wings Association held an exhibition of contemporary Canadian Aviation art at Mirabel to commemorate both the 60th anniversary of the RCAF and the 75th anniversary of powered flight in Canada. In the 1990's when the Canadian Aviation Museum, now the Canada Aviation and Space Museum (CASM) began holding regular aviation art shows, many of these same artists participated and started considering forming an organization around their common interest.

On June 1, 1997, the first annual convention of the Canadian Aviation Art Association (CAAA)- Association des Arts de l'Aviation Canadienne (AAAC)* was held at the RCAF Memorial Museum (now the National Air Force Museum of Canada)in Trenton, Ontario. The election of the executive committee and regional coordinators was held and the official logo, name and constitution were adopted. Effective June 3 the name was changed to the Canadian Aviation Artists Association.

Until recently, the CASM hosted an Artflight exhibition every two years and this was a major event on the CAAA calendar. In between Artflight years (and now ever since the end of Artflight), the CAAA has been holding its annual general meeting and art show at different locations. We have visited places such as Dartmouth, Montreal, Ottawa, Trenton, Calgary, Kelowna and Victoria. We usually try to meet at an airport or air museum and in conjunction with an event such as an open house or air show. During the three-day event we present brief seminars on subjects of interest to our members and special tours are arranged, often affording members the opportunity to see things not normally available to the general public.

In 2002 the CAAA was awarded the prestigious Belt of Orion by the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame. In part the citation reads: "Through the enthusiasm and dedication of its members, the Canadian Aviation Artists Association has advanced the quality and appreciation of aviation art in Canada, and made a major contribution to preserving the visual dimension of the history of aviation." This is something we are very proud of and strive to continue.

At the August 2014 Annual General Meeting, which was held in Winnipeg at the Western Canada Aviation Museum, CAAA members decided to update the name of the organization to the Canadian Aerospace Artists Association to better reflect the full spectrum of subject matter that our artists portray.

The CAAA now includes members who live in Canada, the US and Europe.

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