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The Canadian Aerospace Artists Association welcomes all who share our common interest of improving and promoting aviation and aerospace art. You don't necessarily have to be an artist; you don't even have to be Canadian! Our annual renewal date is May 1st, so members who join during the first months of the new year (Jan to Apr) will not have to renew until the following year. Please choose the appropriate membership type from the following options:

Artist Member: CAAA welcomes any visual artist or sculptor who has a serious and abiding interest in creating aerospace art and who seeks to develop their artistic skills. Artist Members receive the quarterly newsletter, AerialViews, and have the opportunity to display examples of their work, along with their contact information and a website link on the CAAA website. They have the privilege of having their work critiqued by award-winning CAAA Artist Members, getting the priceless benefit of comments based on the experience gained form a life-time in the field of aerospace art. There can be no learning experience more valuable to an aerospace artist at any ability level, and all for the small investment of an annual membership. Our conferences are held in different cities across Canada, usually in connection with an aerospace-related event at a museum or airport. These three-day conferences include lectures on art and aviation; critiques of work; open discussions on both aerospace and art-related topics; and visits to local aerospace sites, often featuring behind-the-scenes tours of areas not normally open to the public.

Note that while CAAA is a Chapter of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society (CAHS) it requires a separate application and annual fee. Our annual fee covers the cost of printing and mailing the quarterly newsletter and our web site hosting fee only.

Our annual membership fee varies according to location due to the cost differential of mailing our quarterly newsletter:

  • C$60 for artists in Canada;
  • US$60 for artists in the USA; and
  • US$65 for artists outside North America

Associate Member: Non-artists with an interest in aerospace art, including private art collectors, curators, historians, archivists, librarians, modelers, etc. can be involved with CAAA. As Associate Members they receive AerialViews which helps them to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the Canadian aerospace art scene, including seeing new works by members and announcements of the times and locations of upcoming exhibitions. Although they can't display artwork at CAAA exhibitions or request critiques of their work, Associate Members can attend the annual conference where they can meet the artists, take special tours and attend lectures on art and aviation history.

Annual Associate Members' fees are:

  • C$45 for associates in Canada;
  • US$45 for associates in the USA; and
  • US$50 for associates outside North America

Institutional Member: Organizations or institutions such as publishers, museums, galleries, libraries, schools and aviation heritage groups support CAAA's efforts to improve and promote aerospace art, too. Their membership helps us promote aerospace art to the public and assists our members to improve their artistic skills through critiques, juried shows and competitive exhibitions for prizes. Several of our Institutional Members have requested invoices for annual renewal, so CAAA will now issue them every May 1st. Institutional Members receive the AerialViews newsletter and an annotated link on our Links and Resources page.

The annual membership fee for institutions is:

  • C$45 for institutions in Canada;
  • US$45 for institutions in the USA; and
  • US$50 for institutions outside North America

To Apply for Membership - print and complete the CAAA Membership Application form and return it, along with payment, to the Membership Secretary (address on form). If you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact one of CAAA's executive members or regional coordinators listed on our contacts page.

Current members can renew using this form. Just print and complete the form and submit it along with payment to the address on the form.

You can also join or renew using PayPal* Please make sure you choose the appropriate membership option below:

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*Please note that these rates include an extra $2 charge to cover Paypal fees.

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