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Ardell Bourgeois

Ardell Bourgeois

Ardell is a founding member of the CAAA and past President. He was born in Alberta, Canada and moved around North America with his family, settling in Sardis, British Columbia after his father's retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces. He attended the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, majoring in animation and three dimensional studies. Ardell is currently working as a free-lance artist with a primary interest in aviation subject matter (a life long obsession). He has had works in several Canadian and U.S. international aviation art exhibits as well as private and corporate collections. He is currently serving as the British Columbia Regional Coordinator for the CAAA and is an Artist Fellow Member of the American Society of Aviation Artists. From the latter organization, he received its Award of Distinction for "Second of Many", the Award of Merritt for "Inbound, Land of the Rising Sun" as well as the James V. Roy Jr. Award for "Air Show Air Force One". Ardell resides in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

Go West Young Man - by Ardell Bourgeois



Go West Young Man
by Ardell Bourgeois

A WestJet 737-700, passes over the Canadian Rockies, heading west one bright morning. Founded in 1996 by Clive Beddoe, Mark Hill, Tim Morgan and Donald Bell in Calgary, WestJet started life as a low fare, no frills airline serving Western Canada. It has grown into an international carrier serving Canada, the US, Mexico and Europe.

26 x 20 inches, Oil on Canvas
$2750 framed, $2600 unframed

Hockey in the Duff - by Ardell Bourgeois



Hockey in the Duff
or, They Just Have to Be Canadians
by Ardell Bourgeois

A couple of 'erks' take a break from their duties to watch a pick-up game on a non-flyable day (Duff weather). The Canadians played hockey anywhere the climate and conditions would allow. This included POW camps, YMCA sponsored leagues in England and on the Continent as well as an RCAF tournament held in the winter of '44-'45.

36 x 20 inches, Oil on Canvas



Not Without a Fight - by Ardell Bourgeois



Not Without a Fight
by Ardell Bourgeois

On March 23, 1944, B-17 Flying Fortress 'Paper Doll' and her crew were on their eleventh mission. After taking heavy damage she dropped out of formation to be set upon by six Bf-109s. Shooting down one of their tormentors, the crew bailed out, all ten surviving 13 months in P.O.W. camps.

30 x 20 inches, Oil on Canvas



Second of Many - by Ardell Bourgeois



Second of Many
by Ardell Bourgeois

A Hurricane pilot of RCAF No.2 (soon to be 402) Sq., gazes toward an English country sunrise, late 1940. The second RCAF fighter squadron to be sent to England, it became operational on March 1, 1941 and this is when the Squadron number was changed.

18 x 24 inches, Oil on Canvas



Hercules and the Kabul Gate Guard - by Ardell Bourgeois



Hercules and the Kabul Gate Guard
by Ardell Bourgeois

A scene witnessed by the artist while overseas with Canadian Forces Artist Program in July, 2002. The airport at Kabul is in a shambles with derelict Soviet equipment, left over from the Afghan War of the 1980s, strewn about. This Canadian 'Herc' has dropped off its cargo of humanitarian relief supplies and will soon be leaving again.

36 x 18 inches, Oil on Hardboard



On Guard for Thee - by Ardell Bourgeois



On Guard for Thee
by Ardell Bourgeois

A Loadmaster on a CC-130, Hercules is strapped in at the rear door, keeping an eye on the area below and behind the aircraft in case the warning system alerts a possible threat. Any observed activity, smoke trails, aircraft or tracers will be reported to the pilots so action can be taken. Event witnessed by the artist in July 2002 while with the Canadian Forces Artist Program, en route to Kabul.



PAS 23 - by Ardell Bourgeois



PAS 23
by Ardell Bourgeois

This painting depicts CF-188s martialling out of Aviano, Italy during a torrential downpour. They are headed for Kosovo, taking part in the NATO intervention in the crisis there. The building is Protected Aircraft Shelter 23, aka PAS 23.

Aircraft modelled in Rhinoceros, renders used as reference for the final oil painting. RCAF collection.



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