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Rui Laureano Silva

Rui Laureano Silva

Rui Laureano Silva is retired from the Aerospace industry where he worked for 20 years as a technical/artistic illustrator. Rui was born in Portugal and studied Mechanical Engineering Illustration there. In Canada, he attended the National Aeronautical School and also took up painting at McGill University. Throughout his career in the aeronautical industry, he has devoted his free time to his favorite hobby, painting.

Because he spent a greater part of his professional career around airplanes, he ended up developing a passion for the theme and consequently has been involved with aviation painting for many years.

His paintings and illustrations have been exposed in varied local Québec exhibitions. In past years, he has also provided technical and artistic illustration for reference, poetry and literary works. He has received the following diplomas/awards:

  • Award of Excellence from the Pittsburgh Chapter of Society for Technical Communication
  • Honorary Diploma from the Civil Government of Angola (for cultural artistic collaboration).

Training Shooting Star - by Rui Laureano Silva


Training (Shooting Star)
by Rui Laureano Silva



12 x 16 Inches
Coloured pencil

The Arrow Gone Forever - by Rui Laureano Silva


The Arrow, Gone Forever
by Rui Laureano Silva

Avro Arrow



12 x 20 Inches
Pastel on paper

The Flying Birds - B-17 - by Rui Laureano Silva


The Flying Birds
by Rui Laureano Silva

B-17 Flying Fortress



18 x 24 Inches
Oil on canvas board

Training to Die - Dornier 335 A-6  - by Rui Laureano Silva


Training to Die
by Rui Laureano Silva

Dornier 335 A-6



12 x 23 Inches
Soft Pastel

Dornier DO-26A - by Rui Laureano Silva


Dornier DO-26A
by Rui Laureano Silva



9 x 11 Inches

One Way Trip


One Way Trip
by Rui Laureano Silva

Yokosuka MXY7 (Cherry Blossom)



18 x 22 Inches
Soft pastel and acrylic

Last Flight Before Sunset - Fiat G.91 - by Rui Laureano Silva


Last Flight Before Sunset
by Rui Laureano Silva

Fiat G.91



22 x 28 Inches
Oil Pastel

After the Pictures - P-38 Lightning - by Rui Laureano Silva


After the Pictures
by Rui Laureano Silva

P-38 Lightning



13 x 17 Inches
Mixed Media

Wolves in Moonlight - Me 262 - by Rui Laureano Silva


Wolves in Moonlight
by Rui Laureano Silva

Formation of Me 262 nightfighters



14 x 26 Inches
Soft Pastel

Alone - Spitfire - by Rui Laureano Silva


by Rui Laureano Silva




16 x 18 Inches
Oil Pastel

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