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In Memoriam: Dale MacMullin (1959-2020)

Dale MacMullin

Dale MacMullin graduated from Mount Allison University with a degree in Fine Art (BFA) in 1986. He went on to receive a Bachelor of Education at UNB (BED) to teach art at the high school level in 1991 as well as a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in 1993 from St. Thomas University. His appetite for learning was expressed again when he completed the NBCC Certificate in Digital Communication-Graphic Design & Multimedia Authoring in 1997.

Dale was passionate about aviation since childhood and joined CAAA in 2010 where he found a "home" with a group of people he fondly referred to as his "airplane cronies". He went on to serve as president of the association for four years and shepherded CAAA through the process of making CAAA the first virtual chapter of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society (CAHS), which was completed just before his passing on the 11th of November, 2020.

His primary artistic focus was depicting 20th Century Canadian aviation and military life and events, always with meticulous research and execution. His preferred medium was traditional egg tempera, with occasional works in intaglio and woodblock printmaking. Dale exhibited his work in a number of Atlantic Canada public and private art galleries and won several awards including the Elisabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant and the Tom Acheson Prize in Art Education from the University of New Brunswick (B.Ed '91).

Dale's gallery is maintained on this site in honour of his contributions to the CAAA. We will certainly miss his good humour, his hard work, and his willingness to step up and contribute to our on-going efforts to create and promote aerospace art in Canada.

My Best Day Yet - Spitfire Mk.XVI (early version) KH * "D” (Serial No. RR256) RCAF No.403 Squadron, RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force. P/O Stephen Butte DFC  - Evere, Belgium - by Dale MacMullin



My Best Day Yet
by Dale MacMullin

RCAF P/O Stephen Butte, DFC from Michel B.C. who, accompanied by Flt. Sgt. Keith Lindsay, shot down three German fighters that were in the process of attacking the aerodrome at Brussels in the early hours of the morning of January 1, 1945 (Operation Bodenplatte).

Spitfire Mk.XVI (early version) KH * D (Serial No. RR256) RCAF No.403 Squadron, RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force.

14.25 x 24.25 inches, 2013, Egg Tempera



Hurricane Lullaby - Hawker Hurricanes over Halifax Harbour - by Dale MacMullin



Hurricane Lullaby
by Dale MacMullin

Hawker Hurricanes flying over Georges Island representing just one of many patrols / local reconnaissance missions over Halifax Harbor, Bedford Basin and surrounding area by No.1 Home Fighter Squadron stationed at Dartmouth Nova Scotia from November 1939 - April 1940. Hawker Hurricane Mk.I (Serial No.315) was the personal mount of S/L Ernest Archibald "Ernie" McNab while he was serving at Dartmouth. By summers end of 1940, No.1 Home Fighter Squadron would be stationed in England and taking part in the Battle of Britain as 401 Squadron.

24 x 36 inches, 2016, Egg Tempera



Timber Terrors - DH Mosquito - by Dale MacMullin



Timber Terrors
by Dale MacMullin

"Timber Terrors" - is a work giving homage to the many Commonwealth DH Mosquito Bomber / Pathfinder Crews who lost their lives during the Second World War. Two of the first RAF units to use the DH Mosquito were 105 and 109 Squadrons RAF.

The painting depicts the Commonwealth crew of Canadian Pilot Fl/Sgt. Joseph Edmond Cloutier and British Navigator/ Observer Sgt. Albert Cecil Foxley who served together in 105 Squadron. On December 22 1942, flying Mosquito B Mk.IV (DZ360) GB-A, they were participants in a multi-plane operation to Zeeland, Flanders, Netherlands.

Their specific mission was to target the Scheldt Bridge and Termonde Engine Sheds. On the way to their destination, they encounter light flak near Dunkirk and then again at Sluiskil. Instead of returning home, they press on, but unfortunately, the aircraft was too badly damaged and crashed just outside the town of Axel, taking both of their lives.

24 x 36 inches, 2019, Egg Tempera



Major Albert D. Carter - by Dale MacMullin



Major Albert D. Carter
by Dale MacMullin

See below for details
Presentation of Dale's painting, "Major Albert D. Carter"
to the New Brunswick Aviation Museum

On Friday, June 18th 2021, the New Brunswick Aviation Museum hosted an event in the Forest Protection Ltd Hangar at Fredericton airport, to honour Canadian Aerospace Artist Association New Brunswicker Dale MacMullin. His widow Susan Kennedy MacMullin donated Dale's last aviation painting before he passed, illustrating a Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin (Serial No. C4017), that was flown by Captain Albert Debrisay Carter, DSO and Bar, Belgian Croix de Guerre, of Moncton, NB, while he was serving with No. 19 Squadron in Spring 1918. Several dignitaries were on hand for the presentation, including the Lieutenant Governor of NB, The Honourable Brenda Murphy, ONB; The Honourable Mary Wilson; The Honourable Jill Green; Lieutenant-General (Retired) Lou Cuppens, CD; Steven Hansen, CD; Dr. Nauman Farooqi; Carol Alderdice, CEO Tourism Industry Association of NB; and Capt (Ret) Kevin Anderson, Executive Director NB Aviation Museum. CAAA was represented by our Maritimes Co-ordinator, Hal Skaarup.

Dale's widow, Susan Kennedy MacMullin, addresses the assembled dignitaries.
Dale's widow, Susan Kennedy MacMullin, addresses the assembled dignitaries.

Dale's Paintings
A selection of Dale's artwork was also on display at the presentation ceremony,
including sketches and value studies for the Carter painting.

Major Carter had already become an ace with 15 victories flying SPADs with No. 19 Squadron before the Dolphins arrived at the front in early 1918. Carter was the highest scoring ace to serve with 19 Squadron, being credited with a total of 28 victories (10 in this aircraft). On 19 May 1918, he was captured behind enemy lines after his Sopwith Dolphin was shot down by Lt Paul Billik of Staffelfuhrer of Jagdstaffel 52. Repatriated on 13 December 1918, Carter was killed in a flying accident while testing a Fokker D.VII on 22 May 1919.

Each No. 19 Squadron Dolphin had letters for each flight: A-F for A Flight, G-M for B Flight, and N-S for C Flight. For a while they also unofficially used white, red, and blue painted tails and wheel covers for A, B, and C Flights, respectively. In the spring of 1918, 19 Squadron Capt Pat Huskinson was in charge of "A" Flight, Major Albert Desbrisay Carter "B" Flight and Capt John Leacroft "C" Flight. Carter flew another Sopwith Dolphin (C4132) at the end of his service (three victories), just before he was shot down by Lt Billik.

On 17 March 1918, an aerial combat took place over France involving No. 19 Squadron Dolphins of B and C flights. Three Dolphin formations at five- and one-minute intervals had climbed clear of the training areas, rest camp and casualty clearing station arranged around the complex of Bailleul aerodromes into a bright spring sun. Their left-hand circling climbs topped out at 14,000ft, the height of Major Carter's B Flight. Five strong, they were positioned 3,000ft above Capt Huskinson's A Flight and Capt Leacroft's C Flight; these last two groups working in close co-operation with each other. Northeast of Menin, about a quarter after noon, a chase began. Capt Leacroft spotted a Jasta formation. One enemy aircraft (EA) swung west, tried to bolt, and was shot down in a mass of flames by 2Lts Fairclough and Oliver, Capt Leacroft's two C Flight wingmen. About the same time the C Flight commander caught a glimpse of another large German formation, about fifteen or more, chasing six No. 70 Squadron Sopwith Camels east towards Ypres, until these Jasta pilots whirled eastward and, coming in from the north, ran directly into the Dolphins some 12,000 ft to 15,000ft over Roulers. The two opposing forces were both game, spoiling for combat. Ten minutes of hot and heavy fighting began. Nine combat reports were later submitted.

Presenting CAAA's honorarium to the New Brunswick Aviation Museum
CAAA presented an honorarium to the New Brunswick Aviation Museum to help with
costs associated with the display of Dale's painting. L-R Susan Kennedy MacMullin,
Kevin Anderson, Executive Director NB Aviation Museum, and Hal Skaarup,
CAAA Maritimes Regional Coordinator.

Special thanks to Susan Kennedy MacMullin for providing the photos from this event and to Hal Skaarup for the historical information about Major Carter.

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