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CAAA Convention 2008

The Unjuried Exhibition at the 2008 CAAA Conference held September 11 - 14 at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Mount Hope, Ontario.


"Fairey Fantome" - Geoff Bennett, acrylic on panel. Study of RAF 1930s biplane prototype. "Miles M.20" - Geoff Bennett,acrylic on panel. This 1939-40 'panic fighter' design only flew as a prototype.
"Untitled "- Geoff Bennett, acrylic on panel.One of two Lancasters still flying, VR-A is part of the collection at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWHM), in Mount Hope, Ontario
"Untitled' - Geoff Bennett, acrylic on hard board. A Lancaster X, FM 207 modified to be used as an in-flight photo platform.
Looking Back - by Don Connolly
"C102 Avro Jetliner over New York" by Charles Kadin, oil. Avro Airliner depicted over New York city on its maiden flight there. "Looking Back" - Don Connolly, acrylic on board. Apollo 15 starts its return to Earth with the "back" or hidden side of the Moon behind it.
Flight Myth Dream and Realization - by Don Connolly
"Flight, Myth, Dream and Realization" - Don Connolly, acrylic on board. A fantasy trompe l'loeil composition signifying human dreams of flight and its actuality. "Toronto" - Chris Driver, acrylic on hardboard.Canadian Colonial Airways Sikosrksy S-38 over Toronto during regular service between Buffalo, NY and Toronto circa 1928.
"Not another b---dy Arrow!"- Chris Driver, acrylic on canvas "Best of the Best" by Charles Kadin, oil. 1950s era Canadian Sabres in NATO service.
"DeHavilland Twin Otter" by Layne Larsen, watercolour "Arctic Flypast" by Martin Myers, watercolour
"Bluebirds" by Martin Myers, watercolour "Lookout" by Martin Myers, watercolour
"Buzzing the Bay" by Martin Myers, watercolour "Golden Arrow" by Martin Myers, watercolour
"111 and the Enemy Ace" by Steve Tournay, acrylic "The Riddle of No. 21" by Steve Tournay, acrylic
"Desert 'Flies" by Steve Tournay, acrylic "Changing Planes, Spring of '24" by Steve Tournay, acrylic
"Pyre" by Steve Tournay, acrylic "Dew Line York" by Steve Tournay, acrylic. Avro York with C-124 landing in background
Diamond Solitaire - by Steve Tournay
"Diamond Solitaire" by Steve Tournay, acrylic "RCAF Boeing 247D" by Steve Tournay
"Great Northern Diver" by Steve Tournay, acrylic "Squall before Vermillion" by Steve Tournay, acrylic
"Caproni's Dream" by John Walmsley, watercolour and gouche "DeHavilland Tiger Moth - Basic Trainer" by John Walmsley, gouache
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