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Tribute to the Canadian Naval Centennial 1910-2010: Naval and Maritime Patrol Aviation in Canada

A major event of historic significance to Canada will be the celebration of the first century of the Canadian Navy's history in 2010. Events are being planned by the Canadian Navy leading to the centennial date of 4 May 2010 and throughout the naval centennial year. In recognition of the important role that aviation has played in Canada's naval history the CAAA is planning to make its artistic contribution in illustrating the naval and maritime patrol aviation component of the first 100 years of the Canadian Navy.The aircraft depicted in this gallery were either used in the Canadian Navy or Canadian Air Force on maritime patrol duties or flown by Canadian aircrews in service with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and Royal Air Force Coastal Command:

Charles Kadin - Maple Leaf - first RN Air Service aircraft in Canada (Toronto 1915)
Charles Thomspson - Swordfish
Charles Thompson - Turning into Wind (Skua dive bomber over RN carrier)
Geoff Bennett - Bollingbroke and RCN four stacker (ex-USN) destroyer off Atlantic coast of Canada
Geoff Bennett- Hudson coastal Patrol Don Connolly - Coastal Command Wellington night attack on U boat
Paul Seguna- Battleships of Sea and Sky (Sunderland)
Paul Seguna - North Atlantic Nannette (Very Long Range Liberator flown by RCAF)
Ardell Bourgeois - CP 140 Aurora
Charles Thompson-For Valour (Liberator attacks U Boat)
Charles Thompson- Hooked (Seafire lands on carrier deck)
Allan Botting - Hampton Gray VC (Corsair)
Charles Thompson - Final Victory (RN Seafires and Avengers in action in the Far East, WWII) Charles Thompson - Vengeance on VJ Day (RN Corsairs overfly carrier HMS Vengeance on VJ day)
Paul Seguna - RCN Seafire Flypast (Firefly on carrier deck) Steve Tournay- Ex RCN Fireflies in Ethiopian service
Paul Seguna- RCN Sea Furies Paul Seguna - Birds of a Feather (RCN Avenger and RCN T- Bird)
Paul Seguna- Grey Ghost Flypast (RCN Banshee display team) Don Connolly -RCN Banshee Missile Shoot at Yeovilton Missle Shoot
Paul Seguna- Tracker Launch off the 'Bonnie' Geoff Bennett -On Final Approach (Tracker)
Don Connolly- Watching the Russkies (maritime patrol Lancaster)
Don Connolly- Argus 729
Geoff Bennett - Argus escort

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