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The Supermarine Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire endures as one of the most iconic and recognizable aircraft of all time. It's a great favourite of artists to depict thanks to it's beautiful lines and the great variety of markings it has appeared in.


Ronald Wong - Prototype F.37/34, K5054
Charles Thompson - In the Beginning
Dutch Spy and Spitfire - by Peter Robichaud
Charles Thompson -First of the Few
Peter Robichaud - Dutch Spy and Spitfire
Darkest Days - by Jeff Stephenson
Charles Thompson - Lovingly Preserved Jeff Stephenson - Darkest Days
Closing the Range - by Layne Larsen Seconds Later My Engine Exploded by Colin Bowley
Layne Larsen - Closing the Range
Colin Bowley - Seconds Later My Engine Exploded
Mitchell's Designs - by Martin Myers
Martin Myers - Mitchell's Designs
Charles Thompson - Clipped Spitfire
Spitfire  - aircraft painting - by Wes Lowe
Spitfire - Wes Lowe Don Connolly - Spitfire Splendor
Mitchell's Masterpiece - by Martin Myers
Rui Laureano Silva - Alone (Portuguese Air Force Spitfire)
Martin Myers - Mitchell's Masterpiece
Merlins Over Masada - by Ronald Wong
Ronald Wong - Merlins over Masada
Charles Thompson - At the Going Down of the Sun
Spotting The Bismark - by Wes Lowe Somewhere in England - by Charles Thompson
Spotting the Bismark - Wes Lowe
Charles Thompson- Somewhere in England
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